Published on 15 October 2023 at 13:29

CC0 Public Domain Photo by form PxHere

The cityscape stretched out for miles in front of her, like an electronic blanket. Standing on the roof gave her power. Power over everything she could see and even beyond. If you kept walking in a straight line, would the scenes change by the time you returned to your starting place, she wondered?

How much time does it take to change a place? Certainly not a lot of time in such a crazy, AI-driven city that was constantly consuming and regurgitating itself. But there were probably still pockets in the world that Time did forget, or only checked-in on every now and again. The places where fields still lined roads, where trees were the tallest structures and a canopy could be made up of the blue sky or the green leaves of a monster oak tree.  Yes, there were still places like that. Luckily. AI hadn’t destroyed everything – it was too young, too stupid to know what to do without its Programmers. There was still time!

Kai scanned the city again, she looked around and recorded the information she needed, sighed and left by the stairwell. It would have been quicker to fly, but why bring attention to yourself? That is what the stupid, egotist Warners did. Wanting to be famous, like James Bond, not understanding he was the worst spy in the world, code name or not! Oh, those guys! How could you take that shit seriously?

Kai liked being androgynous for this reason, they/she had the best of both worlds. Controlling his male tendencies through her female traits. Kai felt the differences, the hormones ebb and flow, first one way, then the other, guiding decisions, always flowing in the right direction to make things right in the outer world. Gaia was controlling the fluidity of her natural body to control the outcomes of the world.

And this was the secret Kai was searching for.

Kai knew, visions, dreams, conscious, call it what you will, this deep knowledge, that there were others like her out there. Some understanding their powers, some hiding their powers, scared of being ostracized by a pathetic, narrow-minded society.

And then there were the others who has no idea. Yet. Of the secrets their bodies held. Of the power they could use to save the planet, save humans from themselves.

Gaia had a plan. Kai was the start. And it was Kai’s journey to find them, bring them to consciousness and understanding about their bodies. Bring them to understand their moral duty to Gaia and the world.

And it started here, in New London!

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