Sisters Aflame

A Darkness came over our land. The light that had shone on my future dreams of being a lawyer vanished into the void. Our lives extinguished, like a flame in the rain. I am only fifteen and yet I have become a soldier, engineer, doctor, chemist and mother. I am learning hard and fast, for I cannot see in this darkness, I can only feel.

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The night was sultry so Charlie put on a loose t-shirt and shorts before going out for a walk. The air was warm and moist, particles stuck to Charlie like spit. The dark street was lit by bright street lights glaring at everyone who walked past. Charlie wanted to smash them all, to be lost in the comforting cloak of darkness. Charlie continued to walk towards the park, there were fewer lights there and one or two didn’t work. In the quietness of the late night, everything seemed to hang in the air, suspended from the sky, like stage curtains. The moisture, the air, sounds, even Charlie’s breathing.

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Out of Gaia

The wind swirled around me and the world went black…suddenly the ground shook, throwing me off balance. I lost my sense of direction, sight, balance as if a blanket had enveloped me. But then a blue flash ripped across the sky, splitting the blackness in two.

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