Published on 27 May 2023 at 18:33

I am not who you think I am!

I haven’t lied to you, but you have filled in the gaps yourself. Creating a new me. A me I don’t recognise.

You don’t ask me how I feel or what I think, you just add your own ingredients.

And now, you question my integrity!

Did it ever occur to you that I have my own inner world? My own dreams? My own thoughts and aspirations?


Why not?

Am I not an individual, separated from you by my gender, my life experience, my own criteria?

Did you think I would continue to let you own me?

Now I am in the upper position, you claim ignorance. That I am seeing more into this than I should!

Dangerous words for a man at a disadvantage!

I could just walk away, but I know you will follow me, hunt me, trap me.

So, now we are together.

You sit. I stand.

You listen. I speak.

You have no choice. But to listen!

Don’t try to struggle, you don’t want to suffer prematurely!

Now you will learn who I really am!