Out of Gaia

Published on 10 July 2023 at 09:03

The wind swirled around me and the world went black…suddenly the ground shook, throwing me off balance. I lost my sense of direction, sight, balance as if a blanket had enveloped me. But then a blue flash ripped across the sky, splitting the blackness in two.

The light was so intense it was impossible to ‘see’ anything.

In fact, it blinded me even further and as soon as the blackness returned, white flashes swirled across my sight.

The wind continued to swirl and twirl and I felt a distinct spinning force batter me like a spinning top being spun by a demonic child. All my senses were failing me, or being overloaded at a time I needed them the most. How could I assess my situation and my next move if I couldn’t even find my centre point?

It was no good. I would have to resort to using my power. I was putting myself at risk and therefore others art risk, by not getting out of this situation!

Another grumble and intense flash across the sky, this time like a tear across a sheet of black paper.

I found my inner charge, the energy created through anger and fear of what might come out of this electric weather. I suspected something. So, it was time to test the hypothesis.

I absorbed the power around me. Only that of a young Exttant could lose their power so easily. Gaia doesn’t give up her secrets so easily.

As I absorbed the electricity surrounding me, I felt the presence of the Exttant try to claw its way out of my grasp. But my power was stronger, I pulled it in, forcing it within me. Imagine a black rocky abyss. That is my essence; deep, profound and subterranean. The Exttant had no chance. Suddenly, all was calm and grey, the natural world returned.

I took a deep breath, relieved that this time I could affect the change. But it wouldn’t always be like this. Not all Exttants were so immature.